$300.00 USD

Clarity Call Intensive

One time - 60 minute Coaching Intensive

Get ready to embrace clarity, break free from stagnation, and chart a course towards the life you envision. Your breakthrough awaits!

Coaching Itinerary

Part One: Defining Your Goal and Your Why
Embark on a transformative journey as we delve into your aspirations, helping you crystalize your goals and uncover the profound "why" that fuels your ambitions. Together, we'll set a clear destination, igniting the passion that will drive your journey forward.

Part Two: Exploring External Components and Barriers
Navigate the external landscape impacting your path. We'll identify and address external components and barriers that may be hindering your progress. From environmental factors to societal influences, we'll strategize on overcoming obstacles, ensuring a smoother journey towards your desired destination.

Part Three: Unveiling Internal Barriers and Beliefs
Dive deep into self-discovery as we unravel internal barriers that may be holding you back. Through targeted exercises and thoughtful reflection, we'll identify and address limiting beliefs, fears, and doubts. This session is a pivotal step in cultivating the mindset needed to propel you beyond obstacles and towards sustained success.

Cost: $300